Forever Living Review- Aloe Propolis creme and MPD fabric wash solution

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You will know if you have read any past blog posts of mine, that I have a Grandchild, Alfie. Alfie suffers from terrible Eczema which is so bad that it takes over his life in a miserable way.

He has multiple Hospital appointments and creams, lotions and potions to apply everyday in the hope that they will give him some relief from his sore skin, which  is often weepy, split and bleeding.

Whilst talking about this at the School gate, when collecting my Childminding children, a friend called Lyndsey Singleton offered some advice, which on reflection was the best thing we had heard to help Alfie for years.

She is a Forever Living Representative and suggested that we try two products

the first is a fabric washing liquid called MPD- multi purpose detergent- which is made in a safe way as to not harm Alfies delicate skin and help him settle at night, and not itch in his clothes.

MPD is a multi purpose detergent that can not only be used on clothes, but you can also use it as a surface cleaner, it is non toxic and environmentally friendly

The second thing she advised was a cream called Aloe Proplis which is a skin moisturiser and conditioner. It heals the skin and reduces scaring, heals cuts and spots 30% faster than normal creams. Its is 100% natural and antibiotic

so we agreed to give it a go and the next day armed with both products I headed off to my Sons house.

Straight away he washed all Alfies beading and night clothes and towels, in the hope that it would give him a itch free night’s sleep.

After his Bath he applied the cream. Alfie has a phobia of all creams now, as they often sting his skin, so we knew he wouldn’t like it at first and we would have tears.

Lyndsey had told us that it works from the inside out and would take a little time and to persevere.

But when your child’s arms and body is this bad, you will try anything

we continued to wash all his clothes and bedding in the MPD and applied the cream twice a day. As his skin started to heal, the rash began to scab over and heal. Alfie was feeling better and will even put the cream on himself now. He is more confident and is a much happier child.

We have been using the combination of Forever Living products for around 6 weeks now and although Alfies skin is not completely healed, you must admit there is a massive improvement and we are all very happy with the results

if you would like to use these products your self or on someone you know who suffers from Eczema then I would advise you to contact Lyndsey  Singleton on this link, where she will be happy to give you advise on products to help you in your situation

you will find her here

or find her on facebook, she will be happy to help

we can highly recommend her services and the Forever Living Products she promotes

thanks for popping by and feel free to share and send this to anyone you feel it may help

Sandra xxx


TreeBee 100% Beeswax Cosmetics & Bee Conservation Company-product

Hello and Welcome back to my blog, where I share my view on the world

Today I was lucky enough to stumble upon a wonderful cosmetic stall on Ormskirk Market in West Lancashire. It is my home town and im a regular visitor to the market, but I had never found this stall before.


I soon struck up a conversation with Abigail who is the Daughter of this amazing family, who live down the road from me in Burscough. She was so enthusiastic about the business, what it achieves and the good it does for the community and of course the bees, that I was keen to learn more and to share it with you.

The stall was a wash with gorgeous  smelling products, all 100% handmade and natural, made with the excess bees wax, made from bees that they have rescued. The company is a non profit community interest company and all the money that is made goes back to the preservation and rescue of bumble and honey bees. Which is very important as bee numbers are decreasing every year.

After chatting for a while, Abigail gave me a business card and I was soon onto Andy her Father asking how I could get involved and letting him know I love to write for this blog.

He very kindly gifted me three pots of hand cream, to test and review, so I can share my experiences with you.

I received a 30ml pot of Beeswax & May Chang Hand Cream, a 30ml pot of Beeswax & Lavender and lastly a 30ml pot of Beeswax & Geranium – all of which retail at only £5 each, what a bargain

Beeswax and May Chang = £5.00

Beeswax and Lavender= £5.00

Beeswax and Geranium- £5.00

you can see the full range here-

The small round , tin pots are perfect for travel, handbag size or pop them into the glove box of your car, for hand care on the go.

The tins have a screw top lid, which makes it easy to get into and easy to keep clean, no mess in your bag and no bursting tubes of cream everywhere. The bees wax makes the hand cream a solid block, so no accidental spills or overflow and the look is 100% Natural and handmade, no factory mass produced items here.

The smell of the cream is delicate and light, not overpowering or sickly , with only natural smells and no traces of chemicals. Its always nice to know what is going onto your skin and with these products not only are you doing your skin good your are benefiting the environment as well. Double Whammy.

The hand cream was easy to apply and smoothed into my skin easily, leaving my hands feeling instantly hydrated and superbly nourished, which is something considering they are often in water, out in all weather’s as I always forget or loose my gloves and get chapped and dry very quickly.

Because the main ingredient is Bees Wax, the cream doesn’t disappear instantly into the skin, making you feel you need to apply more, but instead it forms a perfect natural barrier on the skin continuing to protect and nourish, making my skin feel smooth and not tight.

I have placed one in my handbag , one in my car and gifted my Mum with the third one, she chose the May Chang as she said she had never smelt it before. She is 83 and says her hands feel youthful once again. Bless Her.

You know I only recommend items and products I have actually tried, and I can honestly say that these are lovely, get them as a little gift for someone, or treat yourself. At £5 each they wont break the bank and you will have helped to save a future bee hive.

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Take care

Sandra xxx

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Pharmaton Vitality Capsules-Licensed Medicine product review-sandraviews #add

Hello and Welcome back to my blogger page, where I share products I have tried and loved and articles I am passionate about.

This product review is for Pharmaton Vitality Capsules.

My packet of Pharmaton Vitality Capsules was sent to me to try out ,so that I could give you an honest report of what I think of it and how I have got on using it. The pack is for 30 days and you take one tablet per day. The tablets are easy to swallow and leave no nasty herbal type after taste. In fact they don’t have a taste at all.

Pharmaton Vitality Capsules is a unique multivitamin with minerals and Ginseng G155 which acts as a boost to vitality and helps you to feel better, be more alert and less tired and have the added bonus of making your feel fuller longer , so you will eat less . It’s ingredients are Gluten Free and do not contain any Nut Products so are safe to use if you have allergies.

I have been using the tablets once a day for 7 days now and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the way it has reacted with my body. I suffer from constant tiredness, I think it is a combination of such a lot of things going on in my life, what with work, my mum being in the nursing home with Alzheimer’s and trying to juggle a work life balance. Its something that we all have to do and it sometimes catches up with you, leaving you feeling drained and lacking in energy. Since using the tablets i have noticed that i am not as tired at the end of the day, before i could happily go to bed very early, sometimes as early as 8pm and wake many times through the night, so when i wake i was feeling just as exhausted  as when i went to bed. Since using Pharmaton Vitality Capsules every day, i have much more energy, i am less tired and feel refreshed in the morning. Which to be honest i didn’t think would happen as quickly as it did, but from the onset of taking these caplets, i have noticed a massive difference .

A big benefit of taking Pharmaton Vitality Capsules has been the fact that i have not felt hungry and i am eating smaller portions on my plate, feeling fuller and more satisfied with what i am eating and not craving sweet things as much. I can even get through the children’s snack time, without having to sample as i go, which for me, has to be a good thing.

I will continue to use them and follow a healthy diet and see how i get along. I think the benefits of feeling less tired, having more energy and feeling less bloated and hungry are all benefits we could do with having more off.

. I can highly recommend  them and will continue to use them myself, as the health benefits they have given me are a major plus in my life right now.

Sandra xxx

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Wilaniko’s Moringa Oil- Product Review#ads-SandraViews

Hello and Welcome back to my site, where I share my ideas and thoughts about products I have either bought myself or been sent to review. And subjects I feel are close to my heart.


I was recently sent a bottle of Wikaniko’s Moringa Oil to test out and review for you. It came in a good sized 100ml pump top bottle, which is easy to dispense and keep clean.

Moringa oil is a 100% natural oil , which is renowned for its natural properties. Wikaniko’s Moringa Oil is organically farmed in Spain and unlike some other manufacturers of the oil, they only use the leaf from the plant and not the whole bush, sticks and fly’s included. Wikaniko’s Oil is 100% pure and has been Vegan Certified.


Moriga Oil is known for its Anti Aging properties and is used by Cosmetic industries and added in small quantities to their face creams, with Wikaniko’s Moringa Oil you are getting the full oil and not a small amount. So that has to be a better product for your skin and is not as expensive as some of the branded products.

As its a Cold Pressed oil, you only need a small amount, it goes on easily and absorbs into your skin well. My skin is left feeling instantly hydrated and It feels plumper and smoother and more nourished. My laughter lines wrinkles are a big concern and are very deep, as I am always screwing up my eyes in bright day light and I like to laugh a lot, which is not a bad thing, but not good for my wrinkles,  after using moringa oil for a few days I felt that they where smoother to the touch and not a prominent.  The smell is very slightly herbal, I can only detect a very faint smell and it is not an unpleasant herbal smell, more of a refreshing smell. The oil will last a long time and has a long shelf life, mine has until 2019, so it is very economical to use. You could even use this oil as a salad dressing, but it would be a bit expensive to do that

The oil is also extremely good for skin conditions such as Eczema, severe dry skin, and other skin conditions as well as an anti-aging oil. My sister in law, suffers from Eczema on her elbows and I gave her some to try and to see if it would work on her itchy dry skin. She was very impressed with how well it was absorbed into her skin and later that day she texted me to say that it had worked wonders and she hadn’t noticed her itchy elbows for the rest of the day. I gave her the website and a code to use MOR10 which will give both her and you a discount up to the 31 March 2017. So hurry , don’t miss out  on this great product.

here is the direct contact  details to take you straight to the site –

I can highly recommend Wikaniko’s Moringa Oil, and I will continue to use it twice a day on my face, neck and decollate, I even put it on the back of my hands, its so hydrating and nourishing, it would be silly to not use it on every area where my age is starting to show. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and my make-up sits nicely over the top. I use a little more at night so it can sink into my skin while I sleep and its benefits are staring me in the face in the morning. I have tried many face and body oils over time and I can honestly say that this is up there as a top favourite for me. One that, when this gifted bottle runs out, I will be going to the website to buy again. You can not buy this product from over the counter or Amazon so go to to get your own bottle and don’t forget the code MOR10 to get a reduced discount while it is available.

If you have any questions regarding this oil and how I have used it, what I feel about it or how you feel about it when you have used it, let me know. I love to hear your thoughts on products you have used as well. So comment bellow , I always reply to every comment I receive.

This product was gifted to me to review for you. I have not been paid to review it and I am not sponsored but as it is a review using a gifted product  I am declaring it to you. I am honest about my reviews, so you are happy and secure in the belief that I feel the product is a good one for you to try out yourself.

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Sandra xxx

PizzaExpress Restaurant Review- Fine Family Dinning in Formby Merseyside

Hello Everyone and Welcome to and  my latest blog review.

Last night on the 16/2/2017 my partner and I where invited to dine at the new PizzaExpress in the heart of Formby Village in Merseyside.

The Family style restaurant opened its doors to the people of Formby on Monday 13/2/2017 and has been busy every Evening since. and I can understand why.

The entrance is well lit and welcoming, with outside dining space, which will prove a great success with the children in the Summer months, who will love to dine Alfresco.

This new restaurant is stylish and stunningly decorated in a rustic nautical  feel with reclaimed timber and beach white washed cladding to

the walls. with Art work to continue the nautical theme all around the building.

The lighting gives a warm ambiance with Art Deco bulbs hanging from thick fisherman style ropes, the rope theme is continued as screens on the individual booths along one side of the restaurant for private intimate dining experiences.

Families  are catered for and open tables are spaced in a way that they can accommodate more people if needed.

Perfect if you are celebrating a special occasion.

Its 141 sqm space gives apply room to accommodate your individual party needs, and they even offer pizza making parties for the children. Who wouldn’t love that? I know its going to be my place of choice when we take the Grandchildren out for tea.

We arrived at 7pm to find the restaurant was almost full with a mixture of families, couples and even a large family celebrating a Birthday . One of the Chefs told me “this is exactly what Formby has needed” and this was proving to be correct, and is  becoming a popular dinning destination, especially during the Evening/Tea Time sessions. So I would advise to phone and book a table in advance, so as not to be disappointed.

Here is the phone number so you can place your booking- 01704 874040, I would hate it if you wanted to go and couldn’t get a table when you got there.


On arrival we where greeted by the front of house staff and introduced to the Restaurant Manager Mr Archie Quinlan, we where showed to our booth and offered drinks. I asked for a glass of House wine, and although they do not do a House wine , we where given a large selection of good wines to choose from, I settled on a glass of Merlot and Neil had a bottle of Cider along with a bottle of sparkling water.

The  Menu has a good choice of all the Classics we know and expect from PizzaExpress , with Starters such as Classic Brochette and the addition of some new signature dishes such as American Hot and Padana pizza’s, followed by Desserts such as Chocolate Fondant, Cheesecake and Lemon on biscuit base with a choice of coffee’s all made in Barista style.

We chose to share a starter and opted for the Bruschetta original “pizzaexpress” which arrived topped with chopped tomatoes and garlic olive oil,

with such an amazing choice of mains it was hard to know what to go for , everything read amazing and the dishes that where being served around us made us want to order each one as we saw it. This was going to be a difficult choice.

We read the menu through a few times before settling on our choices.

Neil went for the American Hottest Pizza and had an extra choice of how he would like the base and crust, he loves extra thin pizza with a crispy base, so that is what he asked for with a side of polenta chips.

I chose  a Classic Margherita with a side of mixed salad to accompany it.

The choice was amazing , everything you could think of was on the menu, they cater for all tastes. You can even go if you are on a Diet, as they offer a choice with everything under 600 calories and Gluten Free options for people requiring special food choices. You can dine simple or go with the complete option and order a Flat White Martini, How Indulgent.

Our food arrived and looked and tasted amazing, piping hot and freshly made in house by the team of chefs, that can be seen working behind the central open Kitchen, extremely busy, but all totally under control and working together as a well toned team.

Neil’s extra, extra thin pizza base was perfect and as the name suggested extra hot, just as he likes it.

Mine was a classic, which is my choice of eating , with plenty of gooey melted cheese on top, golden and crispy base. The side salad came with a small pot of dressing on the side to add as you wish.

Once we had managed to get through our huge pizza ,we then just had to squeeze a dessert in, as they looked to good to miss out. I was so tempted to blow out and go for the totally indulgent flat white Martini, but being a School night I thought I would be good. Well as good as you can be when given this amazing choice of yumminess.

So  we went for Lemon mouse on a biscuit base with a choice of coffee and a  cheesecake with gelato  ice. The Lemon mouse was perfect, tarty and refreshing with a sharpness that was amazing.

And what’s more our food was even served to us by the Manager Archie Quinlan himself.

We noticed this was general, as all the staff, not matter what ranking, where all working as an amazing team, making sure that nobody waited too long to be served and tables where cleared and cleaned quickly , so the next customers could begin their own dining experience.

I can personally highly recommend you taking the time to visit this family style restaurant in the Heart of beautiful Formby. You wont be disappointed. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it ? and what you had to eat ?, I love to read your comments .

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I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog review. Our meals where complementary from PizzaExpress, i have not been paid to write this review and all the opinions are my own.

Sandra xxx