Wattiewicks- Handmade Candles & Diffusers-made in Kent UK – Review

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Today I received a parcel from Wattiewicks – a fantastic family run business In Kent, that makes and sells handmade Candles, Diffusers and Wax Melts.

I have been lucky enough to be gifted with three of the products so that I could share my views with you.

The brown box was delivered and inside was three beautifully packaged parcels in Lilac Tissue paper and stunning little shabby chic Brown parcel tags with “Made With Love” written on them.

Perfect for gift giving just as they are

I could smell the amazing fragrances through the tissue and this got me excited to see what they where like inside and what they were like to use. If this much attention to detail had gone into wrapping them. I just knew they where going to be amazing. All the products by Wattie Wicks are Hand Made and I had a feeling they where going to be Something Special and I wasn’t disappointed


Firstly the Diffuser

A White Box with a picture of a Rose and a Red Gem Stone on the box- A nostalgic fresh fragrance of just picked roses. Soft rose with earthy base notes and just a hint of spice.

The Diffusers are made to complement the candles and come with reeds that are ‘non-flip’ , which is great if like me you forget to turn them over each day to keep the fragrance filling your Hall, Bathroom or Conservatory. Mine is going into my Hall way, to great my guests as they arrive and give them a warm welcome  into my Home.

Each Diffuser is hand created and hand finished, and it shows, the attention to detail makes them stand out from your everyday store bought diffuser.

The smell sends me back into my childhood, my Uncle used to grow stunning red roses in his cottage garden and the smell of this diffuser captures that memory and brings it flooding back into my mind. If I close my eyes I can see those roses once more.

Scented reed diffuser Fresh-Cut Roses fragrance“>



Wattiewicks Orange and Vanilla Jar Candle- comes in a white box trimmed with a Orange Ribbon and a little picture of an Orange on the box and a small Orange Gem Stone- A rich Oriental fragrance with warm amber , orange and cedar wood enriched by musk and vanilla pod with odour eliminator. The frosted glass jar has a picture of a Orange slice on it and is studded with little Orange Gem stones all the way around the rim. Such as attractive touch.

The fragrance is delicate and subtle, but it leaves you feeling relaxed and with little hints of the fragrance coming through to remind you it is there. It is not an overpowering fragrance, more of a delicious background notes, to leave your home smelling amazing. The candle burns consistently and the flame stays small , so the candle is long lasting and the fragrance grows as the candle burns.

Along with the products, is a leaflet that shows you how to care for your candle and get the very best from it. The candle needs to burn for 30 minutes on the first time of lighting to make sure that it burns correctly from then on and you get the very best from the life of your candle.

I have mine sat on my Office desk, it helps me to stay focused and the subtle fragrance fills the room in a way that helps me to stay on track. I will burn it every time I work at the computer, although it is a little distracting , as I keep leaning over to get a closer smell.

Orange & Vanilla scented container candle with Anti-tobacco Odour Eliminator




Wattiewicks Wax Melts- Citrus & Spice- a citrus accord of mint and bergamot ,spices and green leaf, galbanum, violet, apples, cassis and plum. With a floral heart of orange blossom, cedar wood, sandalwood, amber ,vanilla and musk

This little packet contains six soft wax squares, decorated with a Black oval and Music note with two little Diamond gem stones on the front.

The little squares melt easily and you can add  more as you need them, but at first one is more than enough. The fragrance is as beautiful as your favourite perfume. It fills the air with amazing smells  that linger and fill the room. This is one for the Bedroom , Lounge, or even in your Bathroom. This  is perfect for making your feel Relaxed and Distressed, I will be lighting this to fill my bathroom with amazing scent and giving myself a luxurious pampering session, to fully relax after or hard days work, or just because I can. Why not we deserve it.

I hope you have enjoyed this review for Wattiewicks you can see their full range over on the site www.wattiewicks.co.uk

Sandra xx

Disclaimer- all the items shown in this review where gifted to me by Wattiewicks, I have not been paid to write this review and the opinions stated are my own. I am not sponsored by wattie wicks in anyway. The affiliate links will take you straight to Amazon and should you purchase from these links, I will receive a small commission.

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