PizzaExpress Restaurant Review- Fine Family Dinning in Formby Merseyside

Hello Everyone and Welcome to and  my latest blog review.

Last night on the 16/2/2017 my partner and I where invited to dine at the new PizzaExpress in the heart of Formby Village in Merseyside.

The Family style restaurant opened its doors to the people of Formby on Monday 13/2/2017 and has been busy every Evening since. and I can understand why.

The entrance is well lit and welcoming, with outside dining space, which will prove a great success with the children in the Summer months, who will love to dine Alfresco.

This new restaurant is stylish and stunningly decorated in a rustic nautical  feel with reclaimed timber and beach white washed cladding to

the walls. with Art work to continue the nautical theme all around the building.

The lighting gives a warm ambiance with Art Deco bulbs hanging from thick fisherman style ropes, the rope theme is continued as screens on the individual booths along one side of the restaurant for private intimate dining experiences.

Families  are catered for and open tables are spaced in a way that they can accommodate more people if needed.

Perfect if you are celebrating a special occasion.

Its 141 sqm space gives apply room to accommodate your individual party needs, and they even offer pizza making parties for the children. Who wouldn’t love that? I know its going to be my place of choice when we take the Grandchildren out for tea.

We arrived at 7pm to find the restaurant was almost full with a mixture of families, couples and even a large family celebrating a Birthday . One of the Chefs told me “this is exactly what Formby has needed” and this was proving to be correct, and is  becoming a popular dinning destination, especially during the Evening/Tea Time sessions. So I would advise to phone and book a table in advance, so as not to be disappointed.

Here is the phone number so you can place your booking- 01704 874040, I would hate it if you wanted to go and couldn’t get a table when you got there.


On arrival we where greeted by the front of house staff and introduced to the Restaurant Manager Mr Archie Quinlan, we where showed to our booth and offered drinks. I asked for a glass of House wine, and although they do not do a House wine , we where given a large selection of good wines to choose from, I settled on a glass of Merlot and Neil had a bottle of Cider along with a bottle of sparkling water.

The  Menu has a good choice of all the Classics we know and expect from PizzaExpress , with Starters such as Classic Brochette and the addition of some new signature dishes such as American Hot and Padana pizza’s, followed by Desserts such as Chocolate Fondant, Cheesecake and Lemon on biscuit base with a choice of coffee’s all made in Barista style.

We chose to share a starter and opted for the Bruschetta original “pizzaexpress” which arrived topped with chopped tomatoes and garlic olive oil,

with such an amazing choice of mains it was hard to know what to go for , everything read amazing and the dishes that where being served around us made us want to order each one as we saw it. This was going to be a difficult choice.

We read the menu through a few times before settling on our choices.

Neil went for the American Hottest Pizza and had an extra choice of how he would like the base and crust, he loves extra thin pizza with a crispy base, so that is what he asked for with a side of polenta chips.

I chose  a Classic Margherita with a side of mixed salad to accompany it.

The choice was amazing , everything you could think of was on the menu, they cater for all tastes. You can even go if you are on a Diet, as they offer a choice with everything under 600 calories and Gluten Free options for people requiring special food choices. You can dine simple or go with the complete option and order a Flat White Martini, How Indulgent.

Our food arrived and looked and tasted amazing, piping hot and freshly made in house by the team of chefs, that can be seen working behind the central open Kitchen, extremely busy, but all totally under control and working together as a well toned team.

Neil’s extra, extra thin pizza base was perfect and as the name suggested extra hot, just as he likes it.

Mine was a classic, which is my choice of eating , with plenty of gooey melted cheese on top, golden and crispy base. The side salad came with a small pot of dressing on the side to add as you wish.

Once we had managed to get through our huge pizza ,we then just had to squeeze a dessert in, as they looked to good to miss out. I was so tempted to blow out and go for the totally indulgent flat white Martini, but being a School night I thought I would be good. Well as good as you can be when given this amazing choice of yumminess.

So  we went for Lemon mouse on a biscuit base with a choice of coffee and a  cheesecake with gelato  ice. The Lemon mouse was perfect, tarty and refreshing with a sharpness that was amazing.

And what’s more our food was even served to us by the Manager Archie Quinlan himself.

We noticed this was general, as all the staff, not matter what ranking, where all working as an amazing team, making sure that nobody waited too long to be served and tables where cleared and cleaned quickly , so the next customers could begin their own dining experience.

I can personally highly recommend you taking the time to visit this family style restaurant in the Heart of beautiful Formby. You wont be disappointed. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it ? and what you had to eat ?, I love to read your comments .

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I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog review. Our meals where complementary from PizzaExpress, i have not been paid to write this review and all the opinions are my own.

Sandra xxx


5 Fun and Wacky Ways to Cheer up a Dull Winter;s Day- Totally FREE or nearly

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😢Hello again and Welcome to my latest blog post.
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So lets get right on with this post.

We all have those days in the cold dark days of Winter, you know what days, the ones when you don’t want to move out the door, its raining, cold and dark.

You are still broke after Christmas and its ages until the next pay day comes along………

Well don’t despair im not here to make you more fed up , the exact opposite in fact
Here I have my list of

5 wacky and Fun ways to cheer up your day, that are probably totally FREE

Number One
Go on a Window “WISH LIST” Shopping Spree, without even leaving the comfort of your chair.
Here is how?
Have you ever shopped on Amazon?
Im sure you have.
Why not go on a Amazon Window Shop………..
Start by taking a look at my last blog
Valentine;s Gift Guide-;postID=4835099493447828483;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=1;src=postname
click on any of the lovely items in the list that take your fancy, don’t look at the price , it doesn’t matter how much they cost. Click as many as you want, if fact go on Click them all.
Then put them into your Amazon Cart.
Now carry on into the Amazon site and Click on all the items you would love if money was no object.
It could be anything, go on , go wild, nobody is looking
It could be those Jimmy Choo Shoes you have always dreamed of owning

That amazing Handbag

or that new Hair dryer they have just brought out.

Click on them all and put them into your Amazon Basket….Then once you have finished Shopping and are happy with all your purchases
JUST DELETE….yes that’s it…..Just press DELETE …..its gone, cost you nothing , but a bit of harmless indulgence and given you a thrill of excitement picking all those lovely things
As long as you press DELETE then no harm done.

Number 2
If that didn’t work and do the trick of cheering you up.
What about a Facial?
I know you haven’t the money at the moment to go to a SPA but you could DIY. and make your own from items you could have  in your Kitchen cupboard

Do you have any Chocolate left from Christmas?
What about a Chocolate Face Mask?

      It only has 3 Ingredients and is SOOOO Easy To Do
1 tablespoon of melted Chocolate
1 tablespoon of thick or Double Cream
1 tablespoon of Honey
apply to the whole of your face and Relax. Leave it on for 15 minutes , then Rinse with warm water.
This is extremely Hydrating and helps with Toning and Lifting and whats more you probably had everything to hand in your Fridge in your Kitchen
Yummy ………………..
Or what about

Number 3
Get wrapped up and go for a good walk.

         As long as you have good shoes on and are wrapped up for the weather, a walk will do you good. It clears your mind and helps you focus.
It doesn’t matter if you live in the City, Town or Country. Make the effort to look at everything around you as you are walking.
Take interest in the things you see. Smile at People you pass and say Hello. How many said Hello or smiled back?
You don’t have to walk far or for long. I like to walk for 20 to 30 minutes in one direction, then I turn back and go home. Half an hours walking is enough to get the old heart pumping and the blood moving. Don’t try to run or jog, just walk at your own pace.
It makes you feel so good to appreciate and give thanks to the beautiful things around you .

OK you are back home

lets do number 4
Now we are going to clear out that Wardrobe…………..
Firstly we are going to need
a Sharpie
Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker – Black, Pack of 5

and Paper
on one piece of paper write To Keep and on the other write To Throw Out, now lets be ruthless but realistic. You cant throw everything out, Right, I know this but go through all the items in the wardrobe and check them out.
Have they got stains on them? Throw them out
Have they go a tear you keep saying you will fix, or a button missing, broken zip? Throw them out
Just a little to tight, you are going to slim back into……Throw them out, when you do loose that extra bit of weight you wont want to wear them anyway. You will want to reward yourself with new goodies.
So once you have a pile of To Throw Out and To Keep, put all the To Throw items in a bin bag and in your car to take to the Charity shop.
Now on to whats left……group them together with items that match or go with each other. That way when you are in a rush to get ready for work, you will be able to find what goes with what very easily and avoid the miss match look.
Cleansing is so fulfilling.

Lastly Number 5
Get yourself comfy in your favourite Pj,s and a soft throw on the sofa.
Find a film or box set you have been promising yourself you will watch ….When you have time, one day…..well let your self have that day today.
Get together all your drinks, snacks, tissues ( if its a chick flick) and settle down to disappearing  into the whole story line of the film.
Relax and Enjoy….

Allow yourself these days every now and then. You deserve it

Sandra xxx

I hope you have enjoyed this little ramble. All the ideas are only suggestions. I am not sponsored by any of the products mentioned. The links provided will lead you to my Amazon Affiliate.
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Valentines Gift Guide 2017- gifts for her from £20 to £150

Our Story So Far Anniversary memory book, scrapbook, photo album, blank book, recycled kraft board covers, 20 card pages/40 blank sides for photos, boyfriend or girlfriend gift

Hello and Welcome
Here is my Valentines Gift Guide for 2017. I have put together a list of gifts that i think are perfect for Valentines Day February 14th 2017.

All the gifts i have showcased are priced from £20 up to £150, as i felt this gave a good choice across peoples budgets.

This is just a selection i have put together to give you ideas on what to buy your Girlfriend, Wife, Partner or just a good friend because, well no reason just because you can.

I hope you like it.

All items are listed at the bottom of each picture from  my affiliate link, should you wish to buy them. Just click on the link and it will take you straight to the page to buy. Simple.

💞💞💞💞💞  St Valentines Day 💞💞💞💞💞💞

First a bit of a History Lesson

St Valentines Day, a day of Romance, where Lovers traditionally gave each other flowers, sweets or candy, cards and Keys to their hearts.
It was started back in the 18th Century, honouring Saint Valentinus and evolved into the day we know now. A time to give your Girlfriend, Lover, Wife or Friend a gift to show how much you feel for them.

Below you will find a gift list to give you inspiration, as well as the traditional gifts of flowers and chocolates ( and lets face it , who doesnt love getting flowers and chocolates) i have searched the internet and found a few other items you might like.

Flowers and Chocolates- always a sure winner- here are a few suggestions

ZJchao Long Stem 24k Gold Trimmed Red Rose Flower Gift with Clear Display Stand

Lovely to keep on her desk at work or her bedside cabinet



ROMANTICA RED ROSES BOUQUET & BELGIAN CHOCOLATES – Exclusive Valentine Bouquets of flowers for Love & Romance and Red Roses for Valentines Day by Eden4flowers



Ladies Moet Rose Champagne & Heart Chocolates Gift Tray
Absolutely Fabulous Darling



Retro Sweets Hamper: Just Treats Solar Gift Hamper: Jam Packed with the Best Ever Retro Sweets


Next of a Girls list of Love to Have are Fragrance and Beauty- let her have a pampered day

Essence Of Arcadia Luxury Glass Aroma Diffuser And Essential Oils Gift Set, Contains Lavender, Teatree And Eucalyptus. Comes With A Recipe Booklet In A Superb Gift Case.


Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT Spray 100 ml

this most  stunning and fresh perfume is sure to delight


Prosecco Gift Box Set

what Lady doesn’t like Prosecco and what nicer way to enjoy than in a pampering bath

Ted Baker Luxury Bathing Collection


the one Luxury Skin & Hair Care & Natural Soap Artisan Organic Handmade French Skin Care Gift Set

Now we are into tricky waters- Jewellery- its a very personal thing, but im sure you know what She likes


A Stunning  Necklace that says it in words ALOV Jewelry Sterling Silver “I Love You To The Moon and Back” Love Heart Pendant Necklace

one for  her collection

The Royal Collection – I Love You Always – Solid Sterling Silver 925 18k Gold Plated White CZ Austrian Crystals Pave Bead Charm – will fit Pandora and any similar 4mm bracelets


I personally love the colour of this pendant

The Royal Collection – I Love You Always – Solid Sterling Silver 925 18k Gold Plated White CZ Austrian Crystals Pave Bead Charm – will fit Pandora and any similar 4mm bracelets


                                                   Something you can wear  together
OOFIT His and Hers Matching Watches – Stainless Steel Couple Watch Set

and lastly something a little different

Do something together and make memories

Buyagift Fun Together Gift Experiences Box – 930 Gift Experiences – For Couples, Pamper Day, Dinner for Two, Days Out, Spa Day, For Two, Afternoon Tea,


For the creative and Fun person in you


keep those memories safe  for ever

Make the Bedroom Romantic

LOVE WHISPERS – His & Hers – Pillow Cases – the quirky romantic Anniversary gift, Wedding gift, Valentine’s gift, or just to raise a smile.


For that Super Organised lady who Loves Rose Gold

Filofax Personal Saffiano Metallic Rose Gold Gold Special Edition Organiser Planner With 2017 Week On Two Page Diary (190mm x 135mm)

and  lastly for the Music Loving Lady in your Life- what about Rose Gold Headphones

Satechi Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with 3.5mm Audio-out Jack for iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and more Smartphones and Tablets – Features Enhanced Bass (Rose Gold)

Well that’s my list all complete . I hope you have found something interesting.
I have linked all the items with prices below from my Affiliated site.
Disclaimer- I am not sponsored by any of the brands shown, this is just a list for fun and inspiration. The Link is attached to my Affiliated site and will take you straight to a page where you can buy if you wish.

This is the first ever gift guide I have done and I have aimed it at the Ladies receiving the gifts. If  you would like me to do one for the Man in your life, just leave me a comment and let me know

Sandra xxx