Spring Cleaning my Wardrobe and getting organised

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Today I have decided that as I have a few days off work, im going to Spring Clean my Wardrobe and get organised once and for all.

I have a wardrobe stuffed with items that never see the light of day , so its about time that I did something about it. I’m terrible for keeping things, thinking that I will slim back into them. But to be honest when I loose my weight (and I will) I wont want to wear those clothes anymore anyway, so they have to go.

I have just read a super book on my Kindle called  In The Jumble:The Joys of Finding, buying and wearing second hand clothes by Victoria Lochhead

this lady is a personal stylist and in this book she talks about her challenge of going a year without buying new. you can learn about her here http://www.frankieandruby.co.uk

So armed with all the information from this funny and informative book, I decided I was going to give my wardrobe a good Spring clean and only keep the items that fit me and suit my colouring and age.

In Victoria’s book she talks about finding your correct colour chart, it seems we are either Spring, Summer ,Autumn or Winter people. So I took to Google to find how to look up what I am.

This is the site I went onto to find out more about what colours I should be wearing and how to wear them. There are lots of information to be found on here, so pop over and take a peek.

Let me know what colour’s you should be wearing and if they are very different to what you are wearing now?


So I did the test on there and according to the Chief Fashionista I am a Soft Autumn and I should be wearing

Mahogany, Brown, Medium Grey, Dusty Pink, Buttermilk, Turquoise, Dark Plum, Camel, Khaki, Grey, Coral, Mint, Jade, Aubergine, Light Peach, Deep Rose, Light Coral, Terracotta, Emerald Turquoise, Sea green and Purple.

According to Victoria’s book, the best way to start to de-clutter is to gather every bit of clothing you have and pile it all onto the bed, dig it out of the wardrobe, drawers, cupboards , ironing pile and washing basket.

Phew there is a lot- what a mess

Then you have to try everything on and what doesn’t fit, makes you feel Yuk or drags you down goes into the Bin Bag  to get taken to the Charity Shop. You have to be ruthless here, no if’s or maybe’s , if it doesn’t fit, its going. Come on you can do it. If I can you can. Be Ruthless.

Ok 6 Bin Bags later and what’s left, all fits me, isn’t squashed and crammed in and I can see what I have.

Now the next bit and this is going to take some time , is to put all the different items you have left into outfits. Il be honest here, I haven’t done that yet.

Work in Progress as they say….but the hardest bit is over….now im going to try and follow the rest of the advice in the book and buy things that will make people look at me and go “Wow you look Amazing”, and I want to try and save money by buying from Charity Shops, Ebay and online.


Wish me Luck…..let me know in the comments below how you get on with your De-Clutter?, what colour season you are? and if  you could go a year only buying second hand clothes?

Sandra xxxx

Disclaimer- all the opinions in this blog post are my own, I have not been indorsed, sponsored or given any free gifts to write this post , I have done it because I feel it could be interesting to you to read. Is it?

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Why you must experience a Charity Shop Label Hunt at least once in your Lifetime

Hello Ladies and Welcome,

Today I had an unexpected day off from the School Run, Half Term for half of the mindees and the other half are poorly…poor little things. But Happy Days for me as more time to Blog and chat with you.

As I child I grew up , like many of you, on hand-me-downs from Cousins, and friends. Wearing things they had outgrown never bothered me in the slightest, in fact I would get very excited after visiting my Cousins in Manchester as they always where “in fashion”, so I knew I would have some great things in my “hand-me-down bin bag” to bring home. I was also blessed to have Mum’s Sister, my Aunty , who was an amazing Seamstress and she could make anything. We also used to go every Saturday to the local Jumble Sale. Did you ever go to them? They where crazy to say the least, but they did help to put clothes on our backs and you got some great things.

Those days are gone now, you never hear of Jumble Sales anymore, its all Car Boot Sales and Charity Shops. Which are great for getting rid of things that are mistake buy’s or to raise a bit of cash for the next purchase you really “Must Have”.

I don’t know if it because of my upbringing , but I love Charity Shops. Gone are the days of smelly old clothes and musty shops, these days they are set out like Designer High Street Shops, with well thought out displays and clean clothes. ( they steam everything in the back rooms, so its always clean and fresh)

I love good clothes ( who doesn’t) but sometimes the cash just isn’t there. There is always something else to take away the extra hard earned cash each month.

So I decided to set myself a challenge. Could I put my love of clothes and love of charity shops together ,

the challenge was to search through Charity Shops and to choose great items with good labels and not spend a fortune. So off I went with cash in hand , on a mission to grab a bargain.

Here are the Rules of my Challenge

1/ The items must all be wearable by me and fit me , so that means I have to try them on before I buy them.

2/ They have to be Good High Street Labels

3/They have to be bought at a Charity Shop

WOW the choice was amazing. I went to one small Village called Formby, it has a good few Charity Shops to choose from and I delved into each one, searching through the rails and tying on as I go, which if anyone who knows me well, knows I hate trying on clothes in little cubicles. But needs must, part of the Challenge was they had to be wearable by me.

My first purchase was an amazing one. I went into the first shop Help the Aged UK and found this

A stunning Karrimor Puffa Coat for only £9.99, I couldn’t believe my luck. It is so warm and cosy. I cant get a thick top underneath it, but I don’t think im going to need one with this coat on. Also in the same shop I found a Navy and Red sheer top by Next £3.29 and a Per Una Cardigan for £3.99

Next was this little gem

a nice casual top by Zara from The British Heart Foundation and cost a massive £4.99. This will be great with a pair of jeans at the weekend. I was doing well and really enjoying myself as well. I also found this Graffic Top in here with mock leather sleeves for £4.99

Next was a quick coffee then on to Claire House to pick up a Navy and White Stripe Jumper for £1.99

and lastly a quick nip into Oxfam got me this super over top from M&S for only £2.99

with just enough time on my parking ticket to go into The YMCA Charity Shop where I found this beauty for only£4.99

In total I spent a grand sum of £37.22, that is probably what you would spend on one top alone in Zara or Next, quite easily. Now I know Charity Shop Hunting will never totally give me everything I need to wear and I love going around the High Street, but come on ladies you have to admit, there are bargains to be found, if you are prepared to set aside a few hours just to go and have a look. And you are doing some good by giving something back to the community. So that has to be a good thing.

I hope you have enjoyed this light hearted look into my shopping bag. If you have please feel free to leave me comments bellow and don’t forget to subscribe to get the next blog post straight to your inbox.

Sandra xxxx

Disclaimer- all the items shown where purchased by myself and I am not sponsored by any Charity Shop, nor have I received money or gifts for producing this article.

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New Year New Bra…..Let’s make it fit

Bras…… Practically all women wear them, most every day of their lives.
They come in all sizes, shapes and colours

As young girls we are desperate to own our first bra and I’m sure we can all remember the day we ditched the Vest for a Grown Up Bra.

My parents didn’t have a great deal of spare cash, so my first bras came from a friend as hand me downs.
No trying on for me, I got what I was given.

But it didn’t take away the magic of that day..

In my early 20,s and 30,s my mum worked for a bra strap sewing factory.
This opened up a new world for me as now I could get amazing bras and lingerie at a fraction of the cost.
Mum was able to bring home the factory seconds catalogue and I had access to amazing names such as Gossard , and Triumph
To name just two.

Now over the years I have had expensive bras and not so expensive bras.
Some cost £55 and some cost £12.
In an amazing array of colours, styles and materials.

But the best of the bunch wasn’t down to cost, or the amazing shop I bought it from.
But something so very simple, but the one thing that many of us get so very wrong


We all have those bras we love and the ones that never come out of the draw because they just don’t work right.

We wrongly assume that just because we bought a bra in a size last year, that is then what you are always and in every store.

We know we can be different sizes of jeans in different shops, so why do we not apply the same rules in choosing our bras?

So here are a few tips that I have discovered which I hope will help you when shopping for your next bra

There are two main parts from any bra
1/ The Band
2/ The Cup

The measurements from these two places determine the size off bra you should be wearing.

Before you can begin to work out these two sizes you will need
A tape measure
A soft non padded bra, or go bra less
Pen and paper

The Band

To get this measurement place the tape measure around your back and directly under your bust.
Firstly always measure in inches, but take a second measurement in CM, the reasons will become clear as to why later.
Make sure the tape measure in a snug fit, not loose or digging in, just snug and flat against your skin.
Round this number up if you are an half size (2.5)  and write it down in inches and then in cm

The Cup Size
Next put the tape measure around your back and across the fullest part of your breast, lean your body over so your boobs hang at their fullest and not flat to your body.
It’s the fullest part we need to know.
Write that number down

Now all you need to do to find your correct size is to

Subtract the band measurement
From the cup measurement
This will give you a difference in inches

The difference between the measurement you took and the measurement at the fullest part of your bust in inches, is the size of the complete bra

Here is a chart to help you

Less than 1″=AA

Now you know the correct size you should be, it’s time to go shopping

Next Tip……Shopping for a Well Fitted Bra

Take a T Shirt with you
Pop one into you bag when heading off to the shops.
When you have made your selection and go into the changing room, pop the t shirt over the top of the new bra.
This is the perfect way to see any unevenness, lumps of bumps, that you might not have noticed before.
A perfect fitting bra will elivate that simple top or dress and really make the difference.

Now let’s back track a minute……As well as asking you to write down your sizes firstly in inches, I also asked you to write the numbers in cm
This is because if you have worked out you correct size in inches on the band and you weren’t quite a rounded number, the bra may for Ok, but we don’t want ok, we want YES

So do the sum again, but this time in cm
The difference can be up to 2 sizes..

Also as I mentioned earlier, bra sizes can vary from place to place.
So if you have found a bra that is getting there, but still not quite right.
Try going down in the band by 2 but take the cup up by 1
For example
If you are a 34C go to a 32D

Similarly if the bra is slightly tight
Go up on the band and down on the cup
34C to a 36B

I hope you have enjoyed this little rambling on
Wearing a Perfect Bra

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