Forever Living Review- Aloe Propolis creme and MPD fabric wash solution

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You will know if you have read any past blog posts of mine, that I have a Grandchild, Alfie. Alfie suffers from terrible Eczema which is so bad that it takes over his life in a miserable way.

He has multiple Hospital appointments and creams, lotions and potions to apply everyday in the hope that they will give him some relief from his sore skin, which  is often weepy, split and bleeding.

Whilst talking about this at the School gate, when collecting my Childminding children, a friend called Lyndsey Singleton offered some advice, which on reflection was the best thing we had heard to help Alfie for years.

She is a Forever Living Representative and suggested that we try two products

the first is a fabric washing liquid called MPD- multi purpose detergent- which is made in a safe way as to not harm Alfies delicate skin and help him settle at night, and not itch in his clothes.

MPD is a multi purpose detergent that can not only be used on clothes, but you can also use it as a surface cleaner, it is non toxic and environmentally friendly

The second thing she advised was a cream called Aloe Proplis which is a skin moisturiser and conditioner. It heals the skin and reduces scaring, heals cuts and spots 30% faster than normal creams. Its is 100% natural and antibiotic

so we agreed to give it a go and the next day armed with both products I headed off to my Sons house.

Straight away he washed all Alfies beading and night clothes and towels, in the hope that it would give him a itch free night’s sleep.

After his Bath he applied the cream. Alfie has a phobia of all creams now, as they often sting his skin, so we knew he wouldn’t like it at first and we would have tears.

Lyndsey had told us that it works from the inside out and would take a little time and to persevere.

But when your child’s arms and body is this bad, you will try anything

we continued to wash all his clothes and bedding in the MPD and applied the cream twice a day. As his skin started to heal, the rash began to scab over and heal. Alfie was feeling better and will even put the cream on himself now. He is more confident and is a much happier child.

We have been using the combination of Forever Living products for around 6 weeks now and although Alfies skin is not completely healed, you must admit there is a massive improvement and we are all very happy with the results

if you would like to use these products your self or on someone you know who suffers from Eczema then I would advise you to contact Lyndsey  Singleton on this link, where she will be happy to give you advise on products to help you in your situation

you will find her here

or find her on facebook, she will be happy to help

we can highly recommend her services and the Forever Living Products she promotes

thanks for popping by and feel free to share and send this to anyone you feel it may help

Sandra xxx


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