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I was recently sent a bottle of Wikaniko’s Moringa Oil to test out and review for you. It came in a good sized 100ml pump top bottle, which is easy to dispense and keep clean.

Moringa oil is a 100% natural oil , which is renowned for its natural properties. Wikaniko’s Moringa Oil is organically farmed in Spain and unlike some other manufacturers of the oil, they only use the leaf from the plant and not the whole bush, sticks and fly’s included. Wikaniko’s Oil is 100% pure and has been Vegan Certified.


Moriga Oil is known for its Anti Aging properties and is used by Cosmetic industries and added in small quantities to their face creams, with Wikaniko’s Moringa Oil you are getting the full oil and not a small amount. So that has to be a better product for your skin and is not as expensive as some of the branded products.

As its a Cold Pressed oil, you only need a small amount, it goes on easily and absorbs into your skin well. My skin is left feeling instantly hydrated and It feels plumper and smoother and more nourished. My laughter lines wrinkles are a big concern and are very deep, as I am always screwing up my eyes in bright day light and I like to laugh a lot, which is not a bad thing, but not good for my wrinkles,  after using moringa oil for a few days I felt that they where smoother to the touch and not a prominent.  The smell is very slightly herbal, I can only detect a very faint smell and it is not an unpleasant herbal smell, more of a refreshing smell. The oil will last a long time and has a long shelf life, mine has until 2019, so it is very economical to use. You could even use this oil as a salad dressing, but it would be a bit expensive to do that

The oil is also extremely good for skin conditions such as Eczema, severe dry skin, and other skin conditions as well as an anti-aging oil. My sister in law, suffers from Eczema on her elbows and I gave her some to try and to see if it would work on her itchy dry skin. She was very impressed with how well it was absorbed into her skin and later that day she texted me to say that it had worked wonders and she hadn’t noticed her itchy elbows for the rest of the day. I gave her the website www.wikaniko.com and a code to use MOR10 which will give both her and you a discount up to the 31 March 2017. So hurry , don’t miss out  on this great product.

here is the direct contact  details to take you straight to the site – https://tinyurl.com/moringa10

I can highly recommend Wikaniko’s Moringa Oil, and I will continue to use it twice a day on my face, neck and decollate, I even put it on the back of my hands, its so hydrating and nourishing, it would be silly to not use it on every area where my age is starting to show. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and my make-up sits nicely over the top. I use a little more at night so it can sink into my skin while I sleep and its benefits are staring me in the face in the morning. I have tried many face and body oils over time and I can honestly say that this is up there as a top favourite for me. One that, when this gifted bottle runs out, I will be going to the website to buy again. You can not buy this product from over the counter or Amazon so go to www.wikaniko.com to get your own bottle and don’t forget the code MOR10 to get a reduced discount while it is available.

If you have any questions regarding this oil and how I have used it, what I feel about it or how you feel about it when you have used it, let me know. I love to hear your thoughts on products you have used as well. So comment bellow , I always reply to every comment I receive.

This product was gifted to me to review for you. I have not been paid to review it and I am not sponsored but as it is a review using a gifted product  I am declaring it to you. I am honest about my reviews, so you are happy and secure in the belief that I feel the product is a good one for you to try out yourself.

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