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Today I was lucky enough to stumble upon a wonderful cosmetic stall on Ormskirk Market in West Lancashire. It is my home town and im a regular visitor to the market, but I had never found this stall before.


I soon struck up a conversation with Abigail who is the Daughter of this amazing family, who live down the road from me in Burscough. She was so enthusiastic about the business, what it achieves and the good it does for the community and of course the bees, that I was keen to learn more and to share it with you.

The stall was a wash with gorgeous  smelling products, all 100% handmade and natural, made with the excess bees wax, made from bees that they have rescued. The company is a non profit community interest company and all the money that is made goes back to the preservation and rescue of bumble and honey bees. Which is very important as bee numbers are decreasing every year.

After chatting for a while, Abigail gave me a business card and I was soon onto Andy her Father asking how I could get involved and letting him know I love to write for this blog.

He very kindly gifted me three pots of hand cream, to test and review, so I can share my experiences with you.

I received a 30ml pot of Beeswax & May Chang Hand Cream, a 30ml pot of Beeswax & Lavender and lastly a 30ml pot of Beeswax & Geranium – all of which retail at only £5 each, what a bargain

Beeswax and May Chang = £5.00

Beeswax and Lavender= £5.00

Beeswax and Geranium- £5.00

you can see the full range here-

The small round , tin pots are perfect for travel, handbag size or pop them into the glove box of your car, for hand care on the go.

The tins have a screw top lid, which makes it easy to get into and easy to keep clean, no mess in your bag and no bursting tubes of cream everywhere. The bees wax makes the hand cream a solid block, so no accidental spills or overflow and the look is 100% Natural and handmade, no factory mass produced items here.

The smell of the cream is delicate and light, not overpowering or sickly , with only natural smells and no traces of chemicals. Its always nice to know what is going onto your skin and with these products not only are you doing your skin good your are benefiting the environment as well. Double Whammy.

The hand cream was easy to apply and smoothed into my skin easily, leaving my hands feeling instantly hydrated and superbly nourished, which is something considering they are often in water, out in all weather’s as I always forget or loose my gloves and get chapped and dry very quickly.

Because the main ingredient is Bees Wax, the cream doesn’t disappear instantly into the skin, making you feel you need to apply more, but instead it forms a perfect natural barrier on the skin continuing to protect and nourish, making my skin feel smooth and not tight.

I have placed one in my handbag , one in my car and gifted my Mum with the third one, she chose the May Chang as she said she had never smelt it before. She is 83 and says her hands feel youthful once again. Bless Her.

You know I only recommend items and products I have actually tried, and I can honestly say that these are lovely, get them as a little gift for someone, or treat yourself. At £5 each they wont break the bank and you will have helped to save a future bee hive.

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