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This product review is for Pharmaton Vitality Capsules.

My packet of Pharmaton Vitality Capsules was sent to me to try out ,so that I could give you an honest report of what I think of it and how I have got on using it. The pack is for 30 days and you take one tablet per day. The tablets are easy to swallow and leave no nasty herbal type after taste. In fact they don’t have a taste at all.

Pharmaton Vitality Capsules is a unique multivitamin with minerals and Ginseng G155 which acts as a boost to vitality and helps you to feel better, be more alert and less tired and have the added bonus of making your feel fuller longer , so you will eat less . It’s ingredients are Gluten Free and do not contain any Nut Products so are safe to use if you have allergies.

I have been using the tablets once a day for 7 days now and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the way it has reacted with my body. I suffer from constant tiredness, I think it is a combination of such a lot of things going on in my life, what with work, my mum being in the nursing home with Alzheimer’s and trying to juggle a work life balance. Its something that we all have to do and it sometimes catches up with you, leaving you feeling drained and lacking in energy. Since using the tablets i have noticed that i am not as tired at the end of the day, before i could happily go to bed very early, sometimes as early as 8pm and wake many times through the night, so when i wake i was feeling just as exhausted  as when i went to bed. Since using Pharmaton Vitality Capsules every day, i have much more energy, i am less tired and feel refreshed in the morning. Which to be honest i didn’t think would happen as quickly as it did, but from the onset of taking these caplets, i have noticed a massive difference .

A big benefit of taking Pharmaton Vitality Capsules has been the fact that i have not felt hungry and i am eating smaller portions on my plate, feeling fuller and more satisfied with what i am eating and not craving sweet things as much. I can even get through the children’s snack time, without having to sample as i go, which for me, has to be a good thing.

I will continue to use them and follow a healthy diet and see how i get along. I think the benefits of feeling less tired, having more energy and feeling less bloated and hungry are all benefits we could do with having more off.

. I can highly recommend  them and will continue to use them myself, as the health benefits they have given me are a major plus in my life right now.

Sandra xxx

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