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Hello and Welcome back to my Blog page sandraviews ,in which I share my own view on the World.

Today I wanted to talk to you about a subject that I am hearing about more and more these days, it has affected me in the past and still does on occasion and it has affected my family and friends.

Anxiety- the word its self doesn’t sound that serious , but if you are the person who is suffering the Anxiety attack or Panic attack as some people refer to it as, I can assure you it is very serious.

It is a feeling of overwhelming fear, being completely out of control of the situation and a fear of the unknown. It makes you physically ill and unable to carry out everyday normal duties. It stops you from eating or sleeping, makes you not wish or to be unable to socialise and even in extreme cases makes you unable to leave the house. It is all consuming. To the point that it takes over your every thought and action.

There are medications you can take that do help, but I feel that a more organic solution is required to keep it under control and to put things into perspective.

When I have had bad episodes of Anxiety and Panic attacks In the past, I have talked it through with Family and  Good Friends, friends who I still have today, they stuck by me and listened, tried to help as best they could and never ridiculed me . Not everyone understands and the” get a grip”, conversations help nobody.

Secondly I have taken physical action to override my Anxiety,

I personally took to walking, I would walk and walk until I felt calm. While I was walking, rather than think about what was bothering me I would try and take in the nature I had previously passed by and enjoy it. I would look at the wildlife and farm animals, the woods and the wild flowers and soak up their energy. Now I know you think this sounds all a bit Hippy, but it is amazing how calming it is and having that bit of time everyday just to walk and think, look and enjoy, gave me chance to recover.

The other thing and the one I would like to share with you today , is the one that no matter where you live, what your physical state is or your area of living, is the one thing you can do straight away to take back action.

This one thing will give you the power to control your Anxiety, to put it in the box it needs to go into and to rationalise why you feel the way you do. Nobody can do that for you. You need to take action to do it yourself.

What is this Magic thing?


that’s it very simple Write.

Write… I cant say it enough, if you write you physically put on paper the ideas that come into your head, it helps you to see in words what is bothering you, how you feel and what it is doing to your life.

This can start with a simple list, write down in one list everything that you feel has gone wrong, everything you fear, everything you would like to change, you get the idea. Then you can physically see it.

The next step is to write about each section in as much detail as possible, see if you can write down the worst you think it could be and where you actually are now. That way you will see that you are actually and probably a million miles away from your worst fear.

Now I know I write a blog and share things on here, but opening your worst and very personal feelings to the world is not something you are probably not  going to jump up and down with joy at the prospect for doing. So I suggest you just write just for You now and not to share with anyone else. Keep it as a private extension of your everyday being, your thoughts as they happen, your wishes for the future and how you are going to take back control over your life, and you will, trust me , you will. And to help you do this , I am going to say here and now , if I can help , let me know, I might not know the answer, but ask anyway.

I write this blog, about many things to do with family, getting older, health, you name it and im on it. Now I know that writing a blog and sharing it with the World is not everyone cup of tea, in fact it would probably cause Anxiety for some people. I on the other hand feel that if something I write, puts it in perspective for me and helps someone else do the same thing along the way, then it is worth doing.

So if you feel you can, start to write a blog, there are plenty of YouTube and Google articles that will help you to start one up. It really isn’t that hard to do.

To get you started I would suggest you maybe keep a diary, where you write in everyday, write about how you feel that day, what are you hoping to achieve and set yourself a goal, even if it is just to cut the grass or sit in the garden and read a chapter of a book. Or even to just get out of bed that day. What ever it is and what ever stage you are at , it doesn’t matter

By writing it down you have acknowledged it and as such you have started your recovery. You are on that first step back to normality. You can do this.

You could use a Diary as I have said, or write on a safe private page on your computer, put sheets into a clip folder, it doesn’t really matter. Just do it and do it every day.

You will start to notice , that as the days and weeks go by, you will be writing more and other things will start to happen in your life. It will take time , but you will start to gain back some control over your life once more and start to get better. It took me a year of walking to fully feel back in control, on the plus side I lost 4 stone as well.

As you get into your writing you may feel, like me, that what you are learning about yourself and your anxiety and how you are coping , may in fact help someone else. So then I suggest you start a blog or  you could even write a book about your journey and publish it on Amazon. You don’t have to have certificates behind you to do good in this World, sometimes you have to experience these things to truly see the wood for the trees.

The whole part of Anxiety is the feeling of being out of control, so by doing this one small thing, you are taking back control. Whats the worst that could happen? you will have a book that is full of your ideas and thoughts, feelings and ideas, how can that be a bad thing?

So come on . Take Action , do it now, grab a book and a pen, don’t think about what to write, nobody is judging you on content , grammar or spelling ( thank goodness for auto correct I say). In fact nobody is going to see this except you. So give it a go.

Let me know how you get on. I am interested to hear your ideas on how you are managing your Anxiety, you might even be able to help me.

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Sandra xxxx

Disclaimer- all the ideas and suggestions in this post are my own, I am not qualified in any way in mental health issues, I only talk of my own experiences. Please always seek the help of professional medical people if you are suffering from Anxiety problems. There are no guarantee that what I suggest will help you to recover from your anxiety feelings, I am only passing on my experiences.


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