What’s New about Pro-Aging?

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I would like to chat to you today about Pro-Aging as against Anti-Aging, what is the difference ? and does it matter what they call it?

For years women have tried to turn back the clock to an earlier time in their lives, a time when they believed they where more beautiful. A younger time, when they where in their 20’s or 30’s and their skin, eyes and hair where brighter and firmer. Or so they thought.

Ladies I have news for you there is no more beautiful time than right here, right where you are standing now.

For years we have had to disguise and hide our natural ageing, and if we didn’t people would say ” she has let herself go”. The pressure to try and maintain that youthful look we once had is costing us thousands and making the cosmetic surgeons and the cosmetic industry as a whole a fortune.

When you are in your 50’s and above you should give out a sigh of relief. No more monthly period spots, or over greasy skin and hair. It wasn’t all rosé and bright, there was probably things you didn’t like about yourself then as well.

We are pressured into believing we should fit into a certain box, to get on in our jobs, please our other half’s, or get noticed.

Pro-Aging is about taking away that pressure of trying to be something we are not, that trying to have the perfect look we had in our early years. Now as women who have lived our lives, we can rejoice in the fact that we have survived the Ex’s, gone through the bringing up the children stage and should be happy that now we can finally spend some time on us. We have worked hard so we deserve it.

Pro-aging is all about being healthy on the inside so we can glow on the outside, wearing what we like and not what we think everyone else will like, having the confidence to do what makes us happy. And that has to be a Beautiful thing on its own. Right?

Our skin and hair and body as a whole changes as we get into our 50’s and above. But it was changing when we where in our 20’s and 30’s as well, we started to age from the day we where born. Its an on-going thing, nothing new there.

Our skincare should now be centred on Moisturising and nourishing our skin, giving it all the moisture it needs. Moisturising creams may be to heavy now, so look towards the Oils that are available on the market. My skin drinks it in.

Our cosmetics should now be about finding something that matches your skin colour and type, rather than trying to cover up wrinkles and lines. Or as I call them (my life laughter lines, cos iv lived a bit lol) We want products that enrich our skin and give it some LOVE.

Supporting the Pro-aging era are some stunningly beautiful women who are all in their 50’s or above. Celebrities such as Twiggy, Helen Mirren and Joanna Lumley.

Its about making choices that make you feel great and be happy. So Ladies come on and join the pro-age celebrations, its all about loving life, improving your health and skin from the inside out and learning to do what makes you happy. Being happy makes you smile and a women who smiles is Beautiful.

The Glass isn’t Half Empty it’s Half Full and im going to enjoy my life to the full and embrace every bit of it, come on and join me.

Sandra xxx

10 simple ideas on how to communicate with someone who has Alzheimer’s

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as many of you will know now, I write regular articles around living with my Mum who has Alzheimer’s and how it affect both me and my family and of course how it affects my Mum.

Life changes when something like this happens in your life, it is never going to be the same and neither are they.

Its cruel and unforgiving, confusing and disturbing

I noticed that Mum was becoming more and more agitated, confused and upset over things. She was truly believing things that where not happening and becoming distressed because of it. She would do things repetitively over and over again, things that made no sense to me . She constantly thinks things belong to someone else and they want them back, things like bedding and clothes. So she is constantly packing things away into bundles. Its so hard.

As her mind is breaking down with the condition, her short term memory is deteriorating and it is harder for her to remember even the smallest of things that have just happened.

So here is my list of 10 ways to make communication easier

1/ Write small notes and post them onto Windows, Doors and Cupboards as prompts to help them to remember. Things like “Don’t forget your Keys”, “Lock up before you go out”, “turn the oven off”, they are all small prompts for the everyday things we take for granted, but they are now struggling with.

2/Get outside Agencies involved with putting in safety alarms to the doors, key safe outside for carers to use to gain access, safety devices to wear around their necks in case of falls, so they can call for help. All of these things will help them to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and give them as much independence and choices as possible, while still making sure they are safe in their own home.

3/Don’t contradict them when they get something wrong in a conversation. If you do it will only add to the confusion and make them agitated, as they realise they have got something wrong again. Instead try and go along with the flow of conversation and gradually guide them back into the correct way of thinking or the correct situation. So it is done in a natural manner and they will then except this and not become upset thinking they have got it wrong again.

4/Because the short term memory is the first thing to go with Alzheimer’s, I find talking about the past is easier and gives them more comfort than trying to talk about things that have just happened. Use photos as prompts and things that have been around them and are familiar. Bringing in new items  can cause confusion, as they are to new and they haven’t got any connection with them, so they cant remember where they came from or why they have them.

5/Keep information simple and break things down into small steps. It is easier to cope with things when they are broken down into small, easy to understand steps. and continue to repeat actions until they become familiar. Keeping a routine helps for this.

6/Don’t ask questions that require them to give detailed answers. Such as “what did you have for Breakfast?”, instead change that sentence into “Have you eaten today?”. It is easier for them to answer “have you   eaten today?” as it isn’t as much to understand and the instruction or question is easier to answer and doesn’t require as much thought.

7/Change how you talk to them and what you are saying. Try to give verbal prompts such as instead of saying “look who is this ?” say things like “look, here is your Grandson, Blake, he has come to see you”. That is giving them a chance to be ready to join in with the conversation and to recognise the person who comes into the immediate circle of people. It is helping them to understand that someone else is going to be joining the conversation and to give them a verbal prompt as to who it is and hopefully alleviate any upset when they don’t remember a persons name or who they are.

8/Us outings and activities to change the environment they are living in and to help them gain new experiences to stimulate the brain and keep things in perspective for them.

9/Try to reassure them that what is happening is not them being daft or stupid. Its hard for them to understand why they are getting things wrong and they can become emotional and feel that they are always wrong and inadequate.

10/ always remember who they where before this illness robbed them of their memory, and try not to become frustrated and angry with them. Getting cross with them will  only add to the confusion and make things worse. If things are becoming to much for you and you feel it is to upsetting to watch your love one like this, give yourself some time off and allow others to help. Its hard to always be the supportive one , allow others to support and help you.

I am writing these posts as a way to help myself and the things I am going through with my Mother. I am not qualified or hold any kind of certificate making me a professional in any way. I am learning as I go along, just like you. Please feel free to ask me any questions in the box below. I will always reply. I cant promise I will have an answer , but I have ears and I will happily listen. Because sometimes that’s all that is needed.

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PizzaExpress Restaurant Review- Fine Family Dinning in Formby Merseyside

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Last night on the 16/2/2017 my partner and I where invited to dine at the new PizzaExpress in the heart of Formby Village in Merseyside.

The Family style restaurant opened its doors to the people of Formby on Monday 13/2/2017 and has been busy every Evening since. and I can understand why.

The entrance is well lit and welcoming, with outside dining space, which will prove a great success with the children in the Summer months, who will love to dine Alfresco.

This new restaurant is stylish and stunningly decorated in a rustic nautical  feel with reclaimed timber and beach white washed cladding to

the walls. with Art work to continue the nautical theme all around the building.

The lighting gives a warm ambiance with Art Deco bulbs hanging from thick fisherman style ropes, the rope theme is continued as screens on the individual booths along one side of the restaurant for private intimate dining experiences.

Families  are catered for and open tables are spaced in a way that they can accommodate more people if needed.

Perfect if you are celebrating a special occasion.

Its 141 sqm space gives apply room to accommodate your individual party needs, and they even offer pizza making parties for the children. Who wouldn’t love that? I know its going to be my place of choice when we take the Grandchildren out for tea.

We arrived at 7pm to find the restaurant was almost full with a mixture of families, couples and even a large family celebrating a Birthday . One of the Chefs told me “this is exactly what Formby has needed” and this was proving to be correct, and is  becoming a popular dinning destination, especially during the Evening/Tea Time sessions. So I would advise to phone and book a table in advance, so as not to be disappointed.

Here is the phone number so you can place your booking- 01704 874040, I would hate it if you wanted to go and couldn’t get a table when you got there.


On arrival we where greeted by the front of house staff and introduced to the Restaurant Manager Mr Archie Quinlan, we where showed to our booth and offered drinks. I asked for a glass of House wine, and although they do not do a House wine , we where given a large selection of good wines to choose from, I settled on a glass of Merlot and Neil had a bottle of Cider along with a bottle of sparkling water.

The  Menu has a good choice of all the Classics we know and expect from PizzaExpress , with Starters such as Classic Brochette and the addition of some new signature dishes such as American Hot and Padana pizza’s, followed by Desserts such as Chocolate Fondant, Cheesecake and Lemon on biscuit base with a choice of coffee’s all made in Barista style.

We chose to share a starter and opted for the Bruschetta original “pizzaexpress” which arrived topped with chopped tomatoes and garlic olive oil,

with such an amazing choice of mains it was hard to know what to go for , everything read amazing and the dishes that where being served around us made us want to order each one as we saw it. This was going to be a difficult choice.

We read the menu through a few times before settling on our choices.

Neil went for the American Hottest Pizza and had an extra choice of how he would like the base and crust, he loves extra thin pizza with a crispy base, so that is what he asked for with a side of polenta chips.

I chose  a Classic Margherita with a side of mixed salad to accompany it.

The choice was amazing , everything you could think of was on the menu, they cater for all tastes. You can even go if you are on a Diet, as they offer a choice with everything under 600 calories and Gluten Free options for people requiring special food choices. You can dine simple or go with the complete option and order a Flat White Martini, How Indulgent.

Our food arrived and looked and tasted amazing, piping hot and freshly made in house by the team of chefs, that can be seen working behind the central open Kitchen, extremely busy, but all totally under control and working together as a well toned team.

Neil’s extra, extra thin pizza base was perfect and as the name suggested extra hot, just as he likes it.

Mine was a classic, which is my choice of eating , with plenty of gooey melted cheese on top, golden and crispy base. The side salad came with a small pot of dressing on the side to add as you wish.

Once we had managed to get through our huge pizza ,we then just had to squeeze a dessert in, as they looked to good to miss out. I was so tempted to blow out and go for the totally indulgent flat white Martini, but being a School night I thought I would be good. Well as good as you can be when given this amazing choice of yumminess.

So  we went for Lemon mouse on a biscuit base with a choice of coffee and a  cheesecake with gelato  ice. The Lemon mouse was perfect, tarty and refreshing with a sharpness that was amazing.

And what’s more our food was even served to us by the Manager Archie Quinlan himself.

We noticed this was general, as all the staff, not matter what ranking, where all working as an amazing team, making sure that nobody waited too long to be served and tables where cleared and cleaned quickly , so the next customers could begin their own dining experience.

I can personally highly recommend you taking the time to visit this family style restaurant in the Heart of beautiful Formby. You wont be disappointed. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it ? and what you had to eat ?, I love to read your comments .

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I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog review. Our meals where complementary from PizzaExpress, i have not been paid to write this review and all the opinions are my own.

Sandra xxx


Philips Sonicare Airfloss- product review-keep those Dental Hygienist Bills Down low in 2017

Hello Ladies and Welcome to my latest blog page

Today I want to talk to you about a great product I have just bought for a practical gift for my partner- but im using it myself as well, because the best gifts are ones you want as well arnt they?

My partner is one of those men who hates gifts for the sake of them. They have to be something he really wants to get a reaction of him. So this Valentines Day I decided to give him a Philips Sonicare Airfloss. YES I KNOW ITS A STRANGE ONE

But he actually liked it.” What a great idea” he said WOW that must be a first.

Its not that he is ungrateful , he just buy’s what he want’s himself, and that make’s it hard to buy him a gift. Well it seems this time I scored a goal. xxxx

So what is a Philips Sonicare Airfloss?     

It is quite a bulky item. You fill the chamber with water or mouthwash or a combination of the two and use it in your normal daily mouthwash routine.

Brush your teeth as normal, hopefully using a electric toothbrush as they are far more effective than a manual brush.

Here are a few you can buy from Amazon.

Then once you have brushed your teeth as normal, go in with the Philips Sonicare Airfloss.



Fill the tub at the side with mouthwash or water and then point the head of the Airfloss against the gap by the gum of your teeth. Hold down and the auto-burst function will come into play, or you can press and release and it will give single bursts. The Air and Fluid combination is powered through the gaps in your teeth and removes plaque and helps prevent cavities between teeth.

I must admit it makes you jump the first time you use it, as you are not knowing what to expect, and if you have some gum issues it can be a little sensitive, but on a whole it makes your mouth feel amazingly fresh and clean. And your teeth have that just been to the Hygienist feeling.

The cost is around £90, which although steep, it works out the same price as one or two visit’s to the Hygienist at the Dentist, so that is very reasonable and much cheaper in the long run. Plus it has the extra side effect of making your teeth whiter in just two weeks.

Although today is Valentines Day, I gave it to him as soon as it arrived- im rubbish at keeping things till the day, I always want to give them straight away. So we have been using this now for around 10 days and I can honestly say it is well worth the money. Now we have got used to using it, we both would not be without it.

So go on save yourself a heap of money and treat yourself to a Philips Sonicare Airfloss you wont be disappointed.


Disclaimer- the products mentioned in this post have been bought by myself and I have chosen to share my experiences with you. I have not been sponsored by Philips in anyway to produce this review. The links to buy the product are affiliated and I will receive a small commission if you purchase from them.

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Why you must experience a Charity Shop Label Hunt at least once in your Lifetime

Hello Ladies and Welcome,

Today I had an unexpected day off from the School Run, Half Term for half of the mindees and the other half are poorly…poor little things. But Happy Days for me as more time to Blog and chat with you.

As I child I grew up , like many of you, on hand-me-downs from Cousins, and friends. Wearing things they had outgrown never bothered me in the slightest, in fact I would get very excited after visiting my Cousins in Manchester as they always where “in fashion”, so I knew I would have some great things in my “hand-me-down bin bag” to bring home. I was also blessed to have Mum’s Sister, my Aunty , who was an amazing Seamstress and she could make anything. We also used to go every Saturday to the local Jumble Sale. Did you ever go to them? They where crazy to say the least, but they did help to put clothes on our backs and you got some great things.

Those days are gone now, you never hear of Jumble Sales anymore, its all Car Boot Sales and Charity Shops. Which are great for getting rid of things that are mistake buy’s or to raise a bit of cash for the next purchase you really “Must Have”.

I don’t know if it because of my upbringing , but I love Charity Shops. Gone are the days of smelly old clothes and musty shops, these days they are set out like Designer High Street Shops, with well thought out displays and clean clothes. ( they steam everything in the back rooms, so its always clean and fresh)

I love good clothes ( who doesn’t) but sometimes the cash just isn’t there. There is always something else to take away the extra hard earned cash each month.

So I decided to set myself a challenge. Could I put my love of clothes and love of charity shops together ,

the challenge was to search through Charity Shops and to choose great items with good labels and not spend a fortune. So off I went with cash in hand , on a mission to grab a bargain.

Here are the Rules of my Challenge

1/ The items must all be wearable by me and fit me , so that means I have to try them on before I buy them.

2/ They have to be Good High Street Labels

3/They have to be bought at a Charity Shop

WOW the choice was amazing. I went to one small Village called Formby, it has a good few Charity Shops to choose from and I delved into each one, searching through the rails and tying on as I go, which if anyone who knows me well, knows I hate trying on clothes in little cubicles. But needs must, part of the Challenge was they had to be wearable by me.

My first purchase was an amazing one. I went into the first shop Help the Aged UK and found this

A stunning Karrimor Puffa Coat for only £9.99, I couldn’t believe my luck. It is so warm and cosy. I cant get a thick top underneath it, but I don’t think im going to need one with this coat on. Also in the same shop I found a Navy and Red sheer top by Next £3.29 and a Per Una Cardigan for £3.99

Next was this little gem

a nice casual top by Zara from The British Heart Foundation and cost a massive £4.99. This will be great with a pair of jeans at the weekend. I was doing well and really enjoying myself as well. I also found this Graffic Top in here with mock leather sleeves for £4.99

Next was a quick coffee then on to Claire House to pick up a Navy and White Stripe Jumper for £1.99

and lastly a quick nip into Oxfam got me this super over top from M&S for only £2.99

with just enough time on my parking ticket to go into The YMCA Charity Shop where I found this beauty for only£4.99

In total I spent a grand sum of £37.22, that is probably what you would spend on one top alone in Zara or Next, quite easily. Now I know Charity Shop Hunting will never totally give me everything I need to wear and I love going around the High Street, but come on ladies you have to admit, there are bargains to be found, if you are prepared to set aside a few hours just to go and have a look. And you are doing some good by giving something back to the community. So that has to be a good thing.

I hope you have enjoyed this light hearted look into my shopping bag. If you have please feel free to leave me comments bellow and don’t forget to subscribe to get the next blog post straight to your inbox.

Sandra xxxx

Disclaimer- all the items shown where purchased by myself and I am not sponsored by any Charity Shop, nor have I received money or gifts for producing this article.

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