Do you Suffer from”Obstinate Weight””Fatious Tummious”….I Do

Do you suffer from Obstinate weight that wont shift? i call it Fatious Tummious with Lardious Areas.


Over the years i have gone through every diet ever written, all the ones you can imagine and more!!!

I have joined all the well known Diet Groups, spent £’s and £’s buying this and that gadget or membership, special food and drinks and books on How To Do XYZ Diet……

Yes i would loose weight,
but only ever for a short while then i would pile it all back on again and more to boost.

I must have had all the latest hit books and each one i have taken on board as if its the New Answer

I read every new article with gusto and as i like to talk ( and write) i tell all my friends i’v found the next latest best thing that knock spots off all the rest and its going to make me into the thin person i feel i really need to be …..

Some of them even jump on the wagon with me……

Well here we are in 2017 and im a 50+ lady who is officially the Heaviest i have ever been.
this year i am 55 so for the sake of my Health and not Vanity


So come on HOW?????

Something desperate has to happen and fast….
well not fast, consistent would do

Whom i kidding i want

But truthfully as long as i can see a steady loss, i will keep going.

My exercise has all but stopped-

Last year in June 2016 we had a massive motorbike accident in the South of France.
Three days into a 14 day Tour around France

(but that is a subject for another blog i will write very soon, so we will chat about that another day)

My health was put on a back burner , because i was busy looking after my partner and my mum to have any time to look after myself.
How many other women do this?
We are so busy looking after others we forget ourselves and dont even give it a second thought, we just do it, why? because i think we are wired up that way.
Well i know i must be, because i do it every time.

Anyway this year i have decided at 55 i need to get a grip and spend some time working on me.
After all if we dont look after ourselves who will look after the rest of the family?

So here is my Plan of Action

I have decided

Im Not going to join a group.I dont really like the lets all clap hand now style
Im Not going to count calories. I like to go with the flow
Im not going to join a Gym…..well not just yet

So how am i going to loose all this weight?
Well im hoping you are going to help me here.

I have decided to give up
Alcohol….not entirely Like Dry what ever the month is….but only drink on Special Occasions….this is more of a Health choice than Diet as i have Stomach issues

Sugar….the root of all Evil i believe and the fact that i cant resist a biscuit with my coffee
Oh go on then…A Packet…..cos who can stop at one
and i Love cake , so that has to go as well

Bread….this again is more of a Health thing with my funny tummy, and in this group i will include cereals as  i can eat bowl after bowl if im board.

and that brings me to the main one….being board…so im going to keep writing about my hopefully progress and i am hoping that you guys will keep sending me messages , tips and ideas to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Infact join me and we will keep each other going…..

So come on people lets stand together ….This is our Year…..for Less
It doesn’t matter how much less
Just enough to make us a Healthier bunch

Who;s With Me?


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